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Mike’s Mix is a family business dedicated to making high quality, effective and affordable sports nutrition products. We specialize in recovery drinks and offer formulas for both men and women.

Whether you are looking to recover from a grueling P90X workout or training for an Ironman, Mike’s Mix has a recovery drink that’s right for you. Mike’s Mix also offers a variety of other high quality sports nutrition foods and supplements.

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Effective: Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink facilitates amazing recovery, nearly eliminating post-workout soreness from strength training and endurance workouts. All of our products contain only the highest quality ingredients and are backed by research (see product description for detailed explanation and citations).

Affordable: Don’t confuse being inexpensive with cheap. Mike’s Mix is a small company that makes only a handful of products very well. We rely on word of mouth marketing, which means no costly advertisements or high profile sponsored athletes that greatly increase product cost. Get the most from your money with Mike’s Mix!

Simple and Natural: Effective sports nutrition products need not be complicated or laden with chemicals, often a simple formula is optimal. Mike’s Mix offers natural products that contain only functional ingredients and lack the additives that increase bulk and price without adding benefits.

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