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Pure Vegan Protein - 3 lbs

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Mike's Mix Pure Vegan Protein

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  • Mike's Mix Pure Vegan Protein



Mike's Mix Pure Vegan Protein is a real food product with only two ingredients: Faba Bean and Lentil proteins. It is a healthy, convenient and affordable way of adding protein to a vegan diet. These legumes offer quality nutrition without any additional additives including sweeteners, coloring, flavorings, preservatives or emulsifiers found in almost every protein powder. Faba Bean and Lentil proteins combine to offer a full spectrum of amino acids and are high in essential amino acids. Pure Vegan Protein supports muscle growth, immune function and GI health.

The most environmentally sound protein on the market by leaps and bounds: Sustainable in nature, legumes produce their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen into the soil. They use significantly less nonrenewable energy and water relative to other crops. Sourced only from the northern US and southern Canada you are purchasing directly from the distributor: Mike's Mix, a small family business in rural Wisconsin. Locally sourced plant proteins should cost less, not many times more, than animal protein. Mike's Mix takes great pride in offering fantastic products at honest prices. 

The 3 lb bag has 41 servings (2 scoops = 34 grams)

Key Features:

  • 19 grams of quality protein per serving with absolutely no additives.
  • Non-GMO: Sustainably sourced from Northern US and Southern Canada
  • Vegan: Free of grains, gluten, soy and dairy. All-Natural.
  • High in Fiber and Micro nutrients (Iron, Zinc, Selenium, β-Carotene)
  • Full-spectrum amino acid profile and high in essential amino acids.
Add to shakes and smoothies or foods such as cereals, yogurts, or use for baking.  
Unlike Pea or Rice proteins, Faba Bean and Lentil proteins have a pleasant flavor that complement smoothies, cereals and baking. Note!! This product contains no flavors or emulsifiers and is not meant to be a stand alone protein shake as it will not mix well alone with water or milk.

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Nutrition Facts:

Amount per serving:

Serving Size: 2 scoops (34 grams)
Servings Per Container: 41

Calories: 140
Calories from fat: 7
Total fat: 1 gram
Saturated fat: 0 gram
Trans fat: 0 gram
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 7 mg
Total Carb: 6 grams
Sugar: 1 grams
Protein: 19 grams

Ingredients: Faba Bean and Lentil Protein

Typical Amino Acid Profile:
(per serving)

Alanine 529 mg
Arginine 1193 mg
Aspartic acid 1443 mg
Cystine 165 mg
Glutamic acid 2195 mg
Glycine 542 mg
Histidine 328 mg
Isoleucine 520 mg
Leucine 972 mg
Lysine 826 mg
Methionine 105 mg
Phenylalanine 546 mg
Proline 544 mg
Serine 592 mg
Threonine 459 mg
Tryptophan 122 mg
Tyrosine 410 mg
Valine 575 mg

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